Shirae Zs


A fashion graduate, Shirae has accumulated 9 years of cosplay experience under his belt. He is, however, no ordinary cosplayer --- not long after he started cosplaying, he quickly ventured into the genre of crossplay upon gaining a certain shocking inspiration, leading him to embrace the thrill of challenging in between the edge of success and failure.

Shirae currently works as a full time costume commissioner, taking commission requests from overseas countries such as USA, Europe and Canada. He is best known in crafting exceptionally well-made costumes with complicated designs that often require extensive use of vast fabric types.

His Masquerade Hizaki cosplay received “Best Costume Award” at Culture Japan Convention in Penang (2013) and his portrayal of Heartseeker Ashe crossplay garnered him 3rd place in Selangor Cyber Games Cosplay Competition (2016).