Stage Performances


‘Where it’s covered in all the coloured lights Where the runaways are running the night Impossible comes true, its taking over you Oh, this is the…’

Come on come all, look no further! We invite you passionate performers to liven up our stage at AMGChan 2019!



Send us your previous performance(s) on any other occasion(s) other than AMG-chan, which represents content similar to your planned act for AMG-chan 2019


Newly planned performance to debut in our events (in case you have no prior performing experience on stage, or you wish to present a fresh act never seen before, resulting in no prior video of similar content)

Your video must be public; not unlisted & private.

Duration : 3 minutes

You are encouraged to submit an application video not exceeding 3 minutes. The application video has to be recorded recently (i.e. within 8 months before April 2019)

Video Quality

The application video is to be 480p or higher as the clarity of both audio and video affects our evaluation and selection significantly.



Complete the registration. In case the online registration form is down, send your application to Late entrie will not be entertained.

Closing 7 April 2019

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Evaluation and selection is based on the content of your performance and performing abilities showcased in the video. Slots are limited, so we will be selecting the best of the best!

Selected performances will be contacted via email with further instructions attached by 14 April 2019. Please note that your selection of performing at AMGChan will be final and may not be subject to amendments after form submission. All selections by the AMG-chan committee are final at this point of time.


  1. This is an audition based selection process. All submissions will be screened within a week from the closing deadline via the audition videos provided, either via Youtube or files attached.
  2. No monetary compensation will be provided. However, we would accommodate as much of your stage needs as possible.
  3. Basic sound system equipments (guitar amps, microphones, keyboard amp, bass amp, and drum set) are provided. If there are any extra equipment required, please make a request and we will try our very best to accommodate them.
  4. Performer tags will be given to the performers, plus members who are assisting the team (ie. Photographers, videographers, manager/usherer, choreographer) only. Request for extra tags for other purposes than stated is not allowed.
  5. Upon successful screening, performers have consented by default that:
    • AMG-chan is not responsible for any damages to personal musical equipments during performance