AMG-Chan 2018 Omatsuri

Feeling the Summer heat? Let’s blast it away with our AMG-chan’s Omatsuri!

What is “Omatsuri”?

Typically, it refers to the many traditional Japanese festivals celebrating the passing seasons. While we don’t have the four seasons, we have successfully put our own spin to make it more FUNTASTIC for all!

No pre-registration needed. Just come over on event day, get yourself some tokens, and you’re ready to play!

List of Games:

Games Description
Nerf This! Hit as many cans as you can with a Nerf gun to earn points.
Archery Hit the cans with arrows by using a bow and get points.
Skeeeeeeeee Ball A combination of bowling and golf, you roll the ball into holes to get points.
Drop Ball Drop a ping-pong ball and it’ll lead you to get any points, with luck of course!


Nerf This!

Drop Ball