Team Manboobs

Sky : Cosplayer / 2D Animator

Yuan : Cosplayer / Concept Artist

Sky started cosplaying in late 2003 while Yuan started 4 years later. Ever since coming together as a team in 2010, the two got hooked on the craftsmanship and stage performance side of cosplay. From wig styling, to fabric manipulation, to props making, to performance coordination, they tackle each aspect of a cosplay project with passion, dedication and experimentation. Due to their exceptional diversity and excellence in teamwork, they were frequently invited to handle cosplay related workshops and panels in various events within and outside Malaysia

Active in both competitions and photo shoots for more than a decade, Sky and Yuan have earned plenty of competitive awards in various small and large scale events, including Cure Cosplay at Tokyo Game Show (2013), AFA Regional Cosplay Championship in Singapore (2015) and World Cosplay Summit in Japan (2011 & 2017).