Dovah is easily captivated by props and armour related cosplays --- to the point of forgetting her common sense! Making beautiful costumes in crunch time is her forte, and deadlines do not intimidate her. 3 days left to make a prop? Let's add on more details!

With 6 years of experience under her belt, Dovah is widely known to be a highly versatile cosplayer with out-of-this-world ideas. She climbed mountains, dumped peanut butter blood on herself, glued her fingers together and even wore shorts in -5°C weather, all in the name of producing amazing cosplay photos that will certainly blow your mind.

When not intoxicated by super glue or EVA foam, Dovah likes to play League of Legends. With her dramatic interpretation of Blood Moon Kalista, she emerged as the champion of Garena Cyber Games Cosplay Collission held in conjuction with The Legends Circuit Malaysia (2017). Together with fellow judge Shinku, Dovah represented Malaysia at Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup in Netherlands (2017)