C4 Netherlands


Malaysia Preliminary Round


  1. 1. This competition is open only to Malaysians.
  2. 2. Each team must consist of two(2) cosplayer participants¹.
  3. 3. Each team must cosplay as official characters from the same officially released (East and West) animation, comic or game series.
       • Characters can be based on illustrations by official artists, original creators or studios of the series. For example:
           Junkenstein (Junkrat's Halloween skin) from Overwatch
           Star Guardians Series from League of Legends
           CLAMP characters from officially released CLAMP art books
       • Characters cannot be based on a live action adaptation of the series. For example:
           Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom live action movie
           DC or Marvel characters from live action movies
  4. 4. Crossover of characters from different sources is NOT allowed.
  5. 5. Original characters, fictional characters or fan-made characters are NOT allowed.
  6. 6. AMG-chan reserves the right to disqualify any team that fail to observe, or violate, any of the stipulated rules. Judges’ decisions are final.
  7. Have fun!
  1. ¹ Stage helpers are NOT allowed in this competition. Instead, your team will receive basic assistance during set-up phase prior to, and clean-up phase after stage performance.


  1. 1. Please complete the registration form upon its release with required details. Should you encounter any submission difficulty, please email us at activities@animangaki.com.
  2. 2. Registration officially ends on 22.04.2018 at 11.59PM (GMT+8) or when all ten(10)* slots are taken, whichever earlier. Registration is on a first-come, first-verify basis. *Subject to change
  3. 3. Every submission is final; please ensure all details provided are complete and accurate. Incomplete and inaccurate submission will be disqualified.
  4. 4. An acknowledgement email will be sent to you within one(1) week of registration, confirming your team’s participation in the competition.
  5. 5. Note that upon confirmation of participation, teams that pull out last minute or fail to appear without any reasonable interference will be required to sit out from the competition for a cooling period of two(2) years.


  • Participating teams must submit the following items by 29.04.2018 at 11.59PM:
  • ◇ Reference pictures of chosen characters (in colour)
  • ◇ Work-in-progress pictures (in colour)
  • ◇ A short summary of the team’s skit
  • ◇ Pre-recorded audio (.mp3) for stage performance usage

      • 1. Each team must perform a skit not more than 150 seconds i.e. 2 minutes 30 seconds in length.
      • 2. The maximum set-up time prior to stage performance is 30 seconds. Note that the maximum number of stage props is four(4).
      • 3. The maximum height of each prop is one(1) meter². However, there is no limitation on its weight.
      • 4. Each costume must be wholly self-made and will be pre-judged prior to stage performance. Note that costumes that have participated in other finals or international competitions cannot be reused³ in this competition.
      • Judging Criteria

        ◇ Costume Quality : 40%

        ◇ Art/Skit/Performance : 60%

      • 5. Store bought costumes will receive zero score for quality and teams will be disqualified on the spot. However, small props e.g. small bottles, feathers etc. can be store bought.
      • 5. Each team cannot use::
           • Real weapons
           • Any item that may spill on the stage e.g. bubbles, glitter, confetti etc.
           • Live fire, dry ice, live steel weapons or other items that could cause danger to yourself and others
      • ² Any prop exceeding this limitation is encouraged to be made adjustable or removable by parts.
      • ³ E.g. should you took part in Cosplay Invitational 2017 by cosplaying as Ambitious Elf Jinx (Christmas skin), then you are not allowed to enter this competition with the same set of costume.

Photo by Jhe Photoglapiruu

Team Manboobs

Sky : Cosplayer / 2D Animator

Yuan : Cosplayer / Concept Artist

Sky started cosplaying in late 2003 while Yuan started 4 years later. Ever since coming together as a team in 2010, the two got hooked on the craftsmanship and stage performance side of cosplay. From wig styling, to fabric manipulation, to props making, to performance coordination, they tackle each aspect of a cosplay project with passion, dedication and experimentation. Due to their exceptional diversity and excellence in teamwork, they were frequently invited to handle cosplay related workshops and panels in various events within and outside Malaysia.

Active in both competitions and photo shoots for more than a decade, Sky and Yuan have earned plenty of competitive awards in various small and large scale events, including Cure Cosplay at Tokyo Game Show (2013), AFA Regional Cosplay Championship in Singapore (2015) and World Cosplay Summit in Japan (2011 & 2017).

Photo by Clarah Photography

Yugana Senshi Uon


Yugana Senshi Uon was a full time in-house designer and visual merchandiser for high profile shopping malls in Malaysia before becoming a full time stay-at-home mother. She embarked into the world of cosplay in 2013. In less than a year of cosplaying, she has been invited to guest in both local and international events such as HobbyCon (2014) and AniManGaki (2017) in Malaysia, AsiaPOP ComiCon in Manila (2016), PopCon in Dubai (2016), etc.

Other than being one of the faces for ColourVUE contact lenses, Yugana is a cosplay page model for Cosplay and Comics, host for Cosplay Channel, organizing committee of Spring’s Subculture in Sabah, and also part of the team for Cosplay Cantina.

Yugana's works have been featured in international media such as Smoosh website, Cosplay Culture magazine, Cosplayzine, The Straits Time Singapore , Gulf News, The Heat Malaysia, The Art of Cosplay, Maus Journal, Eleven Tsuki, ‘Borneo Post SEEDS’, ‘GeekXGirls’ and many more.

Photo by NaNeee?



Dovah is easily captivated by props and armour related cosplays --- to the point of forgetting her common sense! Making beautiful costumes in crunch time is her forte, and deadlines do not intimidate her. 3 days left to make a prop? Let's add on more details!

With 6 years of experience under her belt, Dovah is widely known to be a highly versatile cosplayer with out-of-this-world ideas. She climbed mountains, dumped peanut butter blood on herself, glued her fingers together and even wore shorts in -5°C weather, all in the name of producing amazing cosplay photos that will certainly blow your mind.

When not intoxicated by super glue or EVA foam, Dovah likes to play League of Legends. With her dramatic interpretation of Blood Moon Kalista, she emerged as the champion of Garena Cyber Games Cosplay Collission held in conjuction with The Legends Circuit Malaysia (2017). Together with fellow judge Shinku, Dovah represented Malaysia at Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup in Netherlands (2017)

Photo by Michael Ooi Photography


Cosplayer / Sales Manager

Shinku began her cosplay journey while still pursuing her studies in chemical engineering. She participated in her first cosplay competition way back in 2008, initially writing it off as a one-time fun experience. However, by continuing taking part in various cosplay related activities and events, she gained confidence and made new friends, eventually discovered her passion and talent in props making.

Shinku is especially skilled in crafting highly detailed weapons by utilising affordable, easily accessible or unconventional materials. Her tremendous patience and significant efforts poured into replicating character details, combined with her exquisite physical features, allowed her to create breathtaking yet high-quality cosplay performances. Together with fellow judge Dovah, Shinku represented Malaysia at Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup in Netherlands (2017).

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